We’re myeduphilic, a group of teachers who love to learn, teach and spread knowledge.




myeduphilic, an education hub that loves to learn and spread knowledge


We are, a group of teachers with a passion for teaching- teaching makes us happy. We believe in learning and spreading knowledge. We’re creating a world, where everybody can access quality education easily.

Here we are working to provide knowledge, methods to access it in the way our competition market wants it in a simpler way. We are providing blog post here based on the common issues, detailed data on any subject, multiple choice questions and answers, videos, daily news updates. We are providing service 24×7 for any doubts on any matter related to education. There is a section for asking the questions to our expert.

Till the moment we are providing subject wise data, videos and questions & answers section to all Science subjects and History, Geography, Economics, and Polity. We aim to cover all the subjects very soon. We cover our study materials up to std. 12 and various competitive exams along with previous question papers.

myeduphilic is a platform to gain, share and discuss. Everybody in this world is a learner first. Right to Education is everybody’s fundamental right too. We are also eager to learn from you and we can create a better world together. Let’s make our world great.


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Abha Pradhan


Abha Pradhan
Abha Pradhan