Control your mind

Hi folks, a very good morning to all of you. Actually, it’s early morning according to local time and the best time to control your mind. No noise, everywhere there is a blanket of silence and our mind is now stable. It is not thinking any unordered things.

But as the time will pass, it will be for college or any institution and stress will come after that. Some of you will think what to study or how to do well in the exam or what to do in future, etc. So literally headache will start.

It is the most common problem in our generation. All most all get depressed once in their life. Otherwise, they just can’t control their mind by thinking a lot of things and eventually they lose their control.

To do anything physical fitness along with mental fitness is necessary. But for that, we need to be master of our mind. So today we go for our most needed topic, how to control your mind.

Human mind, control your mind

Importance of Mind

Gautam Buddha says, “to enjoy good health, to bring happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and controls one’s own mind.”

He is a healthy person who is healthy in physical, mental and social. So to be mentally healthy is the importance of the mind. Whether it is for education or work we should remain mentally healthy and concentrate our work.

Concentration leads to a productive result. We should think only about that work what is being done at present moment. But it is not a cup of tea for everybody. While doing one thing many thoughts come to our mind and automatically we lose our control over mind and the work we are doing.

If we can’t control our mind, it will lead to several negative results like insufficient production, depression, unhealthy personality, etc.

How to Control your Mind

Listen and accept

Always try to be a good listener. Only speaking without knowing the view of the front person is totally wastage of time. If truth is there, accept it. If there is something new, know details about it and if useful try to use in life. Our life is not only ours but also everybody surrounding us. So first listen carefully to everybody.

Make your Mind Peaceful

Never let your mind goes in its way rather drive it in your way. You should not let it be master over you. Always keep this place clean. Don’t make it messy as it is a delicate part of your body. It controls all the things related to you.

So deal with it. Whatever your outer surrounding, it does not matter, but always the environment of your mind should be peaceful. Everybody wants to be successful in life and to get it we have to do smart work. But still, if it takes more time to come, then just be patient and wait. Do not do anything that affects your mind.

Be in the Present

Be in the present every moment. Learn from your past but do not be bother only thinking about this. All humans do the mistake, but only those can be successful who erase it and rectify. Do that what needs to be done in present moment.

Don’t think also what will happen in future. Of course, there should be a plan, but apply the brake on your thoughts. Think only that thing what is possible. You cannot just remain in your fiction. Check the reality and rather than thinking plan what to do and then do till it is complete.

Check Yourself

Before judging others in your own way, it is better to check yourself first. Nearly every sentence has the double meaning, positive and negative. So it depends on the respective person.

So always take all in positive but that does not mean you will drive on road slowly and think no accident will be there.  May be you are right on your own path but our paths are interconnected.

If you are right then don’t think whom it bothers. You cannot satisfy all the persons of the world. So be relax and do your duty only.

Function your Mind

We are what we repeatedly do. But you need to change it. You have grown up in an unhealthy environment, but that does not mean that you will remain in that and create such type forever. You need to be changed. Accept the weirdest things happened in your life. But it is there in every case. So accept and lead to a better life.

Be Impartial

All come here alone and will go alone too. So do not be emotional. If you cannot handle this then it will destroy you. Be impartial always and you will feel peace in your life. Stick to the truth and do not be attached. You can get your obedient and peaceful mind always.


So always be the master of your mind, and do not let it be master of yours. Control your mind before it controls you.

Speak English

Hi folks. It’s a Sunday morning and today’s idea is how to speak English fluently or in an easy way. So here we go to explain how speaking English can be easier.

Any language has 4 essential parts: Speaking, writing, reading and listening. Today we will focus only on speaking.


English is an internationally accepted language. Whether we are going fo a vacation or work to another country, English is the most important language to learn for conversation.

It is the most important language. It is not only about speaking, writing but also going through the literature. But speaking English is more important in our everyday life.

How to Speak English

English is a weird language

Though there are many grammar rules in English, in spoken English, hardly it is important to use them perfectly. Also, some English words have meaning varying from place to place.

Dive into the language

If you want to know any language, make it a part of your life. Going through English once in a week will not help you, rather spending an hour every day.

Stop learning English

Do not consider yourself as a learner or beginner. From your school time you have gone through enough English classes and have a set of vocabulary too.

In learning period a child first thinks any sentence in mother tongue and then translate it into English. But now it is time to think in English. There should be no medium. Speak it with your heart, not brain.

English is mirror

Questions in English are like the mirror. You will get your reflection here that means answer according to question.

Can she…..?She can

Will he…..? He will

Increase Vocabulary

If you want to speak all of your heart, then increase vocabulary. If you have no words you can’t speak. read as many as English books or newspaper as a daily habit to increase the word power.


Listen to English words accurately and use it while speaking. Formal and informal, two types are there. Listen what the natives are speaking and use it. E.g. want to waana, gotta, gonna, etc.


Practice makes a man perfect. If you don’t practice, you will forget. Use in your everyday life, while learning.


Learn phrases. Don’t limit your learning English into verbs and some words, rather extend it to phrases, single words, idioms, proverbs.

Don’t rely on Grammar

Don’t depend on grammar too much. Speaking any language means the audience should understand it. So to understand no grammar is needed.

Don’t be afraid of mistake

A mistake is everyone’s part of life. Don’t hesitate to do it.

Learn from everyone

Learn from everyone whether it is a poster or book, elder or younger.

Enlsh speaking

Preparing Competitive Exam

Hi readers,

Today we are going to throw light on preparing competitive exam. All students must be aware of competitive exams. Whether it is to get a seat in university or a job, everybody must qualify for the exam to be eligible. But all are not successful in it.

Some crack it in one time and some in more. It is very pitiable that some even leave the preparation after unsuccessful trying. So here we go for how to crack any competitive exam.

Competitive exam

From competition, it is competitive. Educational or working, all institution want skill, quality, passion, etc. That is why there are so many exams. Candidates need to compete with each other and the most successful will press the success bell.

In banking, government office, private workplace or any type of educational institution, the exam is there to qualify. In this exam, the most common sections are Mathematics, Reasoning, English, Computer, General Knowledge and Current affairs.

In some cases, both written and personal interview will be there along with group discussion. The written exam could include both objective and subjective in some cases.

How Preparing Competitive Exam

One has to think why he/ she is appearing the exam. Because once you start any type of work, you shouldn’t go back. So before starting to understand what your passion is.If without any willpower you are appearing the exam, it will sure go in vain. If one is appearing for medical exam, check yourself first whether you want to be a doctor or not.

Make a list of syllabus what is to be completed in preparing competitive exam. One cannot acquire whole knowledge. One needs to be specified. Always try to give equal importance to every subject. In some exams, a candidate must qualify in all subject. But in other cases, the cutoff mark is counted in overall. So in the second case, one can try to achieve the goal in the favorite subject.

Concentrate on any one exam. Banking and Staff Selection Commission is now a trend in India. But choose anyone and prepare accordingly as syllabus varies from exam to exam. Many candidates appear many exams carelessly thinking that one day they will crack an exam, but as the time passes the willpower also decreases.

The most important thing is that how should one study. As most of the exams are now online, a candidate should be acquainted with it.

Only accessing fundamental theory while preparing cometitive exam is not going to help us along with accuracy, speed is also vital. So practice sets as many as you can within time. There are many institutions providing online sets to practice where you can enroll yourself and appear the exam. But before one must check the ratings, as many websites are there not having the quality questions and study material.

You must access books too. The internet is now a treasure box of knowledge, but not all the information provided is correct.

The most important thing is only studying is not a proper way for preparation but revision. One must revise time to time what he has read. Make a habit of reading newspaper. One may not like but it is essential and there is no extra option.

Preparing Competitive Exam

You need to be cautious with health and mind. For a few number of posts, there are many students appearing. But only those can crack them who keep a balance between health and study. Don’t take stress while studying. It can affect your mental health.

Early to bed and early to rise is advisable but you can change your timetable according to your habit. Go for a walk daily. It may be morning or evening but you should give some time to your health. Take appropriate food for health and mind.

In exam hall, keep your mind stable. Don’t think anything and concentrate on your exam paper. Be sure not to click a wrong answer but to leave it. because of minus marking. Be in your mind for the one to two-hour exam always. Rest is your life.

This is all about preparing competitive exam.

Thank you and stay tuned for our next post.

Reading Newspaper

Newspaper, an old but important word of our life. Time was there when the day begins with reading newspaper and a cup of tea. The generation knows the peace of reading newspaper.

But now gadget has taken the place. Even the persons whose childhood had a deep bond with the newspaper now started to lose.

Not everybody is interested towards newspaper as it requires the art of reading. We may get our requirements through internet but the reading newspaper has its own charm. A newspaper is not a set of some pages but the treasury of knowledge.


A newspaper is the collection of news on a paper that carries the important information from North, East, West, and South. Apart from international, national and regional it also provides us information on particular sectors like economics, business, education, health, sports, etc.

It contains information for readers of every level from child to old. You only need to search as per your requirements. With expanding the outer knowledge we can get most of the information from the newspaper.

Why reading newspaper is important

Life is full of competition and current affairs are must to know in every exam and interview. Reading newspaper helps the reader to crack the opportunity.

Apart from the exam, we can find various advantages of reading newspaper. In a newspaper, the first page, and editorial page are the most important pages.

To a person whose mother tongue is not English, the newspaper is very helpful. Without remembering the rules of grammar we can rectify ourselves. Reading the newspaper also helps to increase our knowledge regarding vocabulary.

Editorial page allows us to get the view of many writers regarding any incident. It provides us a platform to present our opinion too.

A newspaper has also different pages like education, business, economics, etc. which give us an opportunity to get the fact as about various topics.

Some newspapers also provide what happened on that day long years ago and that creates a link towards history. Articles in the newspaper are related to place, personality and provide an introduction to geography.

Reading newspaper helps to increase our creativity. Through it, we get the incidents happened around us. We get the important ads and notice too from the newspaper.

As a whole, it provides us a platform to gain some knowledge. It can’t be just a useless paper.

Reading Newspaper

How to read Newspaper

But reading a newspaper is an art. One gets bored if not interested but when he gets the sweetness of reading he will cover everything easily.

First get a comfortable place to read. It doesn’t require a study room but a suitable environment. It may be bus or train seat or a coffee table at cafe.

Understand the reason for your reading. Take your time to decide where to begin if each and every page is not your cup of tea. Choose which article you have to read from the headline. But once you started the finish it. Don’t leave if feeling bored.

Try to avoid searching dictionary often. It makes the reading bored and uneasy. Some difficult vocabulary can be there, but when you read the complete paragraph, automatically you will get a total picture regarding the article.

Try to get the summary of an article and your view regarding the point. What you read is a theory. Hence try to be practical. Relate the things to your life and try to rectify your lifestyle too.

Determine how much time you are going to spend on newspaper. It’s ideal to start from the first page and read the first paragraph of every article. Several types of newspapers are available and if you are a first-time reader start it from the local language.

Reading newspaper never means reading every article. Choose that what is your requirement. Most important is to choose the honest newspaper which provides the fact. You can go for online review system.

At last instead of the paper version, one can choose the digital version of any newspaper too. In fact, we have to walk along the time and world. We really can’t depend too much on tradition.

Dear readers don’t hesitate to help someone with your newspaper. Always try to reuse everything, hence you can help your friend with the same paper after reading it. Reuse of material can help our environment and hence earth.

Thank you and stay tuned for our next post. Your feedbacks are most welcomed. So don’t hesitate to write us your view.

Solving Mathematics

Good morning folks

We are very happy to get your response via E-mail and social networks. Though we got various feedbacks still we found the problem is something more in Mathematics i.e. solving mathematics.

Some find it difficult to solve and are just forced to memorize according to the syllabus. We got the problems mainly from school students.

So here we go for our today’s post is about understanding mathematics and solving problems.


First point Math is not a monster, rather a game. One has to love Math.It’s a mental exercise and most needed for a student. The more you practice the more you will find it easy.

As before traveling, we should first collect all the necessary data and news of the place, it is also recommended to know the fundamental of Mathematics before accessing to higher studies of any chapter.

Understanding Mathematics

Mathematics is logic. Solving Mathematics is later, first, you need to understand it. From the very first line, it is the most important thing to understand it. You need to apply in your daily life what you are studying.

If you cannot understand, just be practical and apply in personal life. For example,

  • If there is a problem in profit and loss chapter, then place yourself in place of retailer and cost price is in the price you buy the article from manufacturer and selling price is in which you are selling it to the customer.
  • In case of 3-Dimensional co-ordinate geometry, take your surrounding practically. Apply it to your house taking 3-axes.

The above are some example. You can relate each and everything to your daily life. Then enjoy your life and mathematics. Not only mathematics but also all subjects you can understand easily.

There are some basic points to understand and know what you have to calculate exactly.

  • Start from the point, what it is asking.
  • Find the data required to calculate it.
  • If data is insufficient, then first find the data and then apply it to the problem.

For example:

Q. A rectangular field has length 20m. and breadth 10m. A lawn will be made inside it having a path of width 1 m. Find the area of the lawn.

Ans: First draw the figure and you will get outer rectangle having dimension 20 × 10m. So go from the question and it is asking the area of the lawn. To calculate it, length and breadth are required. Hence find them first.

Solving Mathematics

Solving Mathematics is not like remembering the formulae and to apply it to a problem. Even if you memorize everything, later can’t understand where to apply which formula.

Solving Mathematics is later, first one need to learn how to derive formulae. No matter which part of Mathematics it is, you need to go to the origin of the formulae so that you can understand both its origin and application.


(a + b)² = a² + 2 × a × b + b²

In LHS it is (a + b)² = (a + b) (a + b) = a² + 2 × a × b + b² = RHS


Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 (length + breadth) Or sin Θ = p/ h,

First, learn how they are derived. We have uploaded all the formulae in our data section and how to derive the formulae. Please check the section here.

We are explaining here some basic processes to solve a problem. For any type of problem, one needs to read the questions carefully first. Then move forward step by step.


  • Start from the first line.

  • Write the statement.

  • Put the values.

  • Convert the statement into equations

  • solve the equation.

  • The unit is the most important thing to remember.


  • Start from the first line.

  • Draw a rough work.

  • Draw the figure accordingly.

  • Name it.


  • Start from the first line.

  • According to data draw the figure.

  • Check what the question is asking.

  • Remember all the properties associated with that figure. E.g if the figure is the rectangle, then remember all the properties like perimeter, area, the relation among the sides, angles and diameters, etc.

  • Try to get the answer from the properties.

Thank you and keep sending your feedbacks like this. Stay tuned for the next post here.


Solving Mathematics


Why myeduphilic

A life without education is valueless and it is now fourth basic amenity of our life apart from food, cloth, and shelter. So that Right to education is our fundamental right.


Only to read and write or position in a class doesn’t define the education. It is much more than to be a literate. We may have libraries with millions of books, but wealth in other’s hand and knowledge in books, both have little value.

You need to understand it, not to memorize and pass the exam. You should be passionate towards our study and there should be an attraction towards education.

We can’t tell lie to ourselves. All humans are students in this world. We learn new things every day but we should not restrict it to ourselves only. What we know, we must spread that.


Our website myeduphilic is here to make the access to education easy for everybody. We are providing subject wise data in which you can get basic data of each and every subject which everybody can understand easily.

Along with we are providing multiple choice questions and answers, and in this section, you can get more than 500 questions of every subject. myeduphilic is also providing chapter wise videos to study like a game.

Also, there is ask to expert facility too, where you can ask your problems to our teachers.

Why myeduphilic

We’ve also faced problems, but don’t want others to face the same as it’s the wastage of time. This inspires us to make this initiative. We saw a dream of a world, where every single human is able to gain and share knowledge and are trying to achieve our dream.

Classes are boring, but movies are amazing. Because we enjoy the movies. So one should keep enjoying the lessons too.

Not filling a piece of paper, but understanding a lesson is more important. In our working life, no Physics or Chemistry book or marks can help us, but the applied knowledge can.

Always we should try to be the best player in your field. We should chase the excellence in any field and success will chase us.

We are always aware of your feedback and problem. Please view and share our site here.
As we all are the learner, keep commenting your problem, and we will try our best to solve it. Please ask us:

Thank you and stay tuned for our next post here.

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