Control your mind

Hi folks, a very good morning to all of you. Actually, it’s early morning according to local time and the best time to control your mind. No noise, everywhere there is a blanket of silence and our mind is now stable. It is not thinking any unordered things.

But as the time will pass, it will be for college or any institution and stress will come after that. Some of you will think what to study or how to do well in the exam or what to do in future, etc. So literally headache will start.

It is the most common problem in our generation. All most all get depressed once in their life. Otherwise, they just can’t control their mind by thinking a lot of things and eventually they lose their control.

To do anything physical fitness along with mental fitness is necessary. But for that, we need to be master of our mind. So today we go for our most needed topic, how to control your mind.

Human mind, control your mind

Importance of Mind

Gautam Buddha says, “to enjoy good health, to bring happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and controls one’s own mind.”

He is a healthy person who is healthy in physical, mental and social. So to be mentally healthy is the importance of the mind. Whether it is for education or work we should remain mentally healthy and concentrate our work.

Concentration leads to a productive result. We should think only about that work what is being done at present moment. But it is not a cup of tea for everybody. While doing one thing many thoughts come to our mind and automatically we lose our control over mind and the work we are doing.

If we can’t control our mind, it will lead to several negative results like insufficient production, depression, unhealthy personality, etc.

How to Control your Mind

Listen and accept

Always try to be a good listener. Only speaking without knowing the view of the front person is totally wastage of time. If truth is there, accept it. If there is something new, know details about it and if useful try to use in life. Our life is not only ours but also everybody surrounding us. So first listen carefully to everybody.

Make your Mind Peaceful

Never let your mind goes in its way rather drive it in your way. You should not let it be master over you. Always keep this place clean. Don’t make it messy as it is a delicate part of your body. It controls all the things related to you.

So deal with it. Whatever your outer surrounding, it does not matter, but always the environment of your mind should be peaceful. Everybody wants to be successful in life and to get it we have to do smart work. But still, if it takes more time to come, then just be patient and wait. Do not do anything that affects your mind.

Be in the Present

Be in the present every moment. Learn from your past but do not be bother only thinking about this. All humans do the mistake, but only those can be successful who erase it and rectify. Do that what needs to be done in present moment.

Don’t think also what will happen in future. Of course, there should be a plan, but apply the brake on your thoughts. Think only that thing what is possible. You cannot just remain in your fiction. Check the reality and rather than thinking plan what to do and then do till it is complete.

Check Yourself

Before judging others in your own way, it is better to check yourself first. Nearly every sentence has the double meaning, positive and negative. So it depends on the respective person.

So always take all in positive but that does not mean you will drive on road slowly and think no accident will be there.  May be you are right on your own path but our paths are interconnected.

If you are right then don’t think whom it bothers. You cannot satisfy all the persons of the world. So be relax and do your duty only.

Function your Mind

We are what we repeatedly do. But you need to change it. You have grown up in an unhealthy environment, but that does not mean that you will remain in that and create such type forever. You need to be changed. Accept the weirdest things happened in your life. But it is there in every case. So accept and lead to a better life.

Be Impartial

All come here alone and will go alone too. So do not be emotional. If you cannot handle this then it will destroy you. Be impartial always and you will feel peace in your life. Stick to the truth and do not be attached. You can get your obedient and peaceful mind always.


So always be the master of your mind, and do not let it be master of yours. Control your mind before it controls you.