Solving Mathematics

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We are very happy to get your response via E-mail and social networks. Though we got various feedbacks still we found the problem is something more in Mathematics i.e. solving mathematics.

Some find it difficult to solve and are just forced to memorize according to the syllabus. We got the problems mainly from school students.

So here we go for our today’s post is about understanding mathematics and solving problems.


First point Math is not a monster, rather a game. One has to love Math.It’s a mental exercise and most needed for a student. The more you practice the more you will find it easy.

As before traveling, we should first collect all the necessary data and news of the place, it is also recommended to know the fundamental of Mathematics before accessing to higher studies of any chapter.

Understanding Mathematics

Mathematics is logic. Solving Mathematics is later, first, you need to understand it. From the very first line, it is the most important thing to understand it. You need to apply in your daily life what you are studying.

If you cannot understand, just be practical and apply in personal life. For example,

  • If there is a problem in profit and loss chapter, then place yourself in place of retailer and cost price is in the price you buy the article from manufacturer and selling price is in which you are selling it to the customer.
  • In case of 3-Dimensional co-ordinate geometry, take your surrounding practically. Apply it to your house taking 3-axes.

The above are some example. You can relate each and everything to your daily life. Then enjoy your life and mathematics. Not only mathematics but also all subjects you can understand easily.

There are some basic points to understand and know what you have to calculate exactly.

  • Start from the point, what it is asking.
  • Find the data required to calculate it.
  • If data is insufficient, then first find the data and then apply it to the problem.

For example:

Q. A rectangular field has length 20m. and breadth 10m. A lawn will be made inside it having a path of width 1 m. Find the area of the lawn.

Ans: First draw the figure and you will get outer rectangle having dimension 20 × 10m. So go from the question and it is asking the area of the lawn. To calculate it, length and breadth are required. Hence find them first.

Solving Mathematics

Solving Mathematics is not like remembering the formulae and to apply it to a problem. Even if you memorize everything, later can’t understand where to apply which formula.

Solving Mathematics is later, first one need to learn how to derive formulae. No matter which part of Mathematics it is, you need to go to the origin of the formulae so that you can understand both its origin and application.


(a + b)² = a² + 2 × a × b + b²

In LHS it is (a + b)² = (a + b) (a + b) = a² + 2 × a × b + b² = RHS


Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 (length + breadth) Or sin Θ = p/ h,

First, learn how they are derived. We have uploaded all the formulae in our data section and how to derive the formulae. Please check the section here.

We are explaining here some basic processes to solve a problem. For any type of problem, one needs to read the questions carefully first. Then move forward step by step.


  • Start from the first line.

  • Write the statement.

  • Put the values.

  • Convert the statement into equations

  • solve the equation.

  • The unit is the most important thing to remember.


  • Start from the first line.

  • Draw a rough work.

  • Draw the figure accordingly.

  • Name it.


  • Start from the first line.

  • According to data draw the figure.

  • Check what the question is asking.

  • Remember all the properties associated with that figure. E.g if the figure is the rectangle, then remember all the properties like perimeter, area, the relation among the sides, angles and diameters, etc.

  • Try to get the answer from the properties.

Thank you and keep sending your feedbacks like this. Stay tuned for the next post here.


Solving Mathematics