Speak English

Hi folks. It’s a Sunday morning and today’s idea is how to speak English fluently or in an easy way. So here we go to explain how speaking English can be easier.

Any language has 4 essential parts: Speaking, writing, reading and listening. Today we will focus only on speaking.


English is an internationally accepted language. Whether we are going fo a vacation or work to another country, English is the most important language to learn for conversation.

It is the most important language. It is not only about speaking, writing but also going through the literature. But speaking English is more important in our everyday life.

How to Speak English

English is a weird language

Though there are many grammar rules in English, in spoken English, hardly it is important to use them perfectly. Also, some English words have meaning varying from place to place.

Dive into the language

If you want to know any language, make it a part of your life. Going through English once in a week will not help you, rather spending an hour every day.

Stop learning English

Do not consider yourself as a learner or beginner. From your school time you have gone through enough English classes and have a set of vocabulary too.

In learning period a child first thinks any sentence in mother tongue and then translate it into English. But now it is time to think in English. There should be no medium. Speak it with your heart, not brain.

English is mirror

Questions in English are like the mirror. You will get your reflection here that means answer according to question.

Can she…..?She can

Will he…..? He will

Increase Vocabulary

If you want to speak all of your heart, then increase vocabulary. If you have no words you can’t speak. read as many as English books or newspaper as a daily habit to increase the word power.


Listen to English words accurately and use it while speaking. Formal and informal, two types are there. Listen what the natives are speaking and use it. E.g. want to waana, gotta, gonna, etc.


Practice makes a man perfect. If you don’t practice, you will forget. Use in your everyday life, while learning.


Learn phrases. Don’t limit your learning English into verbs and some words, rather extend it to phrases, single words, idioms, proverbs.

Don’t rely on Grammar

Don’t depend on grammar too much. Speaking any language means the audience should understand it. So to understand no grammar is needed.

Don’t be afraid of mistake

A mistake is everyone’s part of life. Don’t hesitate to do it.

Learn from everyone

Learn from everyone whether it is a poster or book, elder or younger.

Enlsh speaking